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What will become of his body Key-Board. Watch the video!!

Technology has come to the world to enrich the name of the new device is a device Tap strap.

This device will be able to make the flat of one of the five fingers of the hand wearing the device keyboard smart phone connected via Bluetooth can be used anywhere as a keyboard
, but with this type of device, you need to know about the typing method of worry no. This is an app for you to learn typing and khelalei 1 hour games with the device you will learn how to do the typing.

Your heart on your computer to the device you are able to present a new
device is very flexible. So you can easily use comfortable. It is very easy to
select the correct input for your hand movements will follow. Each will serve as a vowel and finger pointing fingers of the other characters. You also can not type as fast as you wish, and it will easily learn with the help of a trainer app.


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