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This year, 1,000 games have been released for Linux. (Released on Steam with Linux support)!!

Ladies and Gentlemen

How are you? Good Hope. Not too long ago, I did a tune on Linux.

One brother became the submit. Become “simplest one problem … you cannot play games on Linux.” I do not say that name. The brother and all of the men for Linux 1,000 video games launched this yr.

but, it’s far genuine that the Linux running gadget, hardcore gamers are genuinely now not the primary choice. but, the scenario has changed and it has been contemplated in a large drawing game Steam due to the release of Linux supported. while the general imply, in 2016, Steam- 1,018 video games had been released on the Linux well suited.


At one time, human beings would not keep in mind ever to play the sport Linux– based totally machine. however, instances have changed, Linux kernel developer and distribution vendor- him well into the modern GPU help for them and their driver seriously seeking to create the device and being a success.


Popular Linux gaming news websites Gaming on Linux Linux gaming overview of the recently published 2016 value. This year, more than 1,000 have been released on Steam on Linux support for the Games.

According to the overview of the exact count, 1,018 games have been released this year

Another interesting thing is that Twitter @Steam_Spy a shared data, which says that, Steam- 38% of the games have been released this year.

indeed, this percent will upward push over the following 12 months. Linux gaming scenario will continue to enhance every year and I desire to improve the best of video games.

nicely, readers for the purpose of gaming you do now not use Linux device? recall to tell your answers and system configuration container, however.

So good luck everyone. Khoda Hafez.

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