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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Side effects in using headphones Learn the harmful aspects of headphones!!

Headphone side effects

Technology is moving forward in the day ahead Technology side effects are going forward with it. Headphones and earphones are a technology that uses small stars, young people, young people, but nobody knows its side effects or harmful aspects. Many people know it and use it freely.

But do you know what the little gazette affects your health? If you do not know then this article is just for you.

You will see headphones used everywhere, bus, train, street etc. But do you know; By using this headphones you are not only harming yourself. People in your side are doing the damage.

What do you believe? It will be believed to put the writing perfectly.

1. Hearing complications

When you use headphones or earphones, the audio goes directly to your ears. If your hearing is about 90 decimals or more then hearing can complicate and even you can lose some power of your ear forever. If someone listens more than 100 decibels for 15 minutes, then he may become deaf. So if you want to use headphones, do not forget to give some rest to your ear and never listen to music at high volume.

2. Ear Infection

Is your headphones or earphones private? Are you sharing with anyone else? Well, we always hear our friends and family sharing our headphones and earphones together. This sharing can easily be caused by infection in the ear. Bacteria from the ears of different people can easily come to your ear through your headphones. So the next time you share your earphones or headphones, make sure you have them sanitized or cleaned.

3. Barrier to enter the air

At present, headphone companies have looked at their headphone’s audio experience. As a result, you can hear the songs of good quality. But you put headphones in your ears so that the holes of your ears stop completely. As a result, no wind can enter (you may know how important it is to enter the air, if not know, then do tuitment). As a result, your ear is in the form of infection, tetanus, and hearing disorders.

4. Temporary deaf

One study found that those who have been listening to songs at high volume for long periods of time, even after hearing the headphones, they would not listen well enough. It is temporary, but its losses are many. You do not even know when you will be deaf forever.

5. Earache

Those who use additional headphones generally suffer from this problem. Occasionally within the earভোঁ ভোঁAaj is done. It is also a sign of loss.

6. Bad effects on the brain

The waves of electromagnetic caused by headphones may cause serious danger for your brain. And they use ZERO Bluetooth headphones, they are more at risk. The ear is connected directly to the brain. So headphones hit your brain very nicely.

7. Accident due to headphones

Recently, the use of headphones has increased the number of accidents in the street. Car accidents, road accidents, and even train accidents are killing people. They are not affected by some unfortunate accidents. But using headphones or earphones to save lives, there are many dangers. Again, the person who rushed to rescue him unfortunately, after killing himself. In this way, other people may be in danger for you.


Now many questions can be asked if we do not use headphones? I can not stay without headphones, etc. If you have this problem then wear the lower part.

You may not know that while writing this article I can not hear it properly. Know why One hour before I started writing this reason, I was listening to music in a high volume on headphones; I wish to write from here. So many of these find out the information and find out.

The proper rules for using headphones

I am sure many people have got a little bit scared after the previous writings. But if you do not reduce the use of headphones and want to keep your ears better / want to listen to your favorite songs freely, then this writing is just for you.

So let’s get started without delay.

  • Avoid using small headphones (which cover the holes of your ears). Use your ears are large and hedaphana does not close the pores .


  • Use your headphone individually. Headphones Friends / Do not share freely with anyone else.


  • Change the sponge cover / headband of the headphones at least once per month; If they do not, clean it at least once per month.


  • Avoid using headphones while traveling on bus / train and during walking.


  • And of course, stay away 100 yards from listening to high volumes.


Technology is used to simplify our life, not to destroy life. So, we all are vigilant and ensure the proper use of technology.

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