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In order to make a graphic design, we must keep in mind the important things that we need to do.

Hello friends how are you all I would like to congratulate you and congratulate you on your Maha Ramadan? I’m also a good one. After a long time, TT has returned. Let’s return to the original story.

Today I will talk about logo design. Many of us have the desire to earn some income online or earn some extra or extra money. But we can not do this because many of us may know Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or much other software, but it is not working properly or we can not do it properly.

This is due to 3 reasons:

  • Illusion
  • ¬†Imagination
  • ¬†Creativity

If we have to design a graphic, we must keep the important issues that we must keep.

01. Illusion:

When we design a logo or something, we first need to have an Illusion, because to design the design that we are going to do, we need to think carefully about what content we need to build first or make it later.

0. Imagination:

When you do a design, a realistic picture of your mind means that the design is going to be designed, what color will be, and what color should be used to think about.

03. Creativity:

It is also an important thing to make your design beautiful and attractive so that your design is a choice of Client, but remember that if you do not use too much control to make your design intact, then the original design of the design will be lost, always Try to keep your designs simple.
Today, in the video I brought, I tried to convince you how to design a logo and present it very beautifully to the client, and say some simple and easy tips. I hope you like it.

Click this link to watch the video

Tune your tunes if you like my video. And if there is a help, then about the design, in my YouTube box.
I ended up here today, again I will be present to you with the new designs. I pray to all of them praying to Allah.

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