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how to install WordPress on local computer Video Tutorial (Part-1)!!

Superior reader buddies, how are you? I hope that the grace of God is well, I am the goodness of the grace of God I am satisfactory, my friends, nowadays I’m with you WordPress topic customization to be made upon my series of video tutorials of the first phase of this, I’m hoping the new WordPress subject matter customization is learning the various blessings. in this episode, you will learn how to deploy WordPress, you’ll your PC.

WordPress Theme Customization something we learn at different times in different places in order to coaching goes, there are many, many good results from place to place, so I can not learn anything I will tell you at the present time you do not go to any coaching center course, if you YouTube If the discovery of many good Bengali, English or other languages from which you can easily find the tutorial that allows you to learn about, without any obligations.

So I will inform you when you have a WordPress theme Customization if you need to discover ways to make an education middle to dissolve academic series first began going my way to paintings, and I say that very soon the paintings of any type, then you’ll be able to customize WordPress theme I am hoping.



Friends will meet again today to the next tutorial, goodbye.

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