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How to Disable the USB Port on Windows. (Now anyone can steal your Data.) !!

You realize what you are doing lack of confidence? while taking your loved ones or buddies without your earlier use your laptop? probably sure, because they maintain your PC, and a number of them can not be said for the sake of humanity. however, you may have a number of exclusive files and different files, which you do now not really want to open publicly. One answer is probably to Disable USB ports.

if you really want to block USB port of your home windows documents, in order that they couldn’t take with USB. Then you could use the underneath given method. it’s miles probably, you can block USB ports and then you may unblock it again.

There are three good ways to USB port disable:

  • Registry changes.
  • Disabling USB Device Manager.
  • USB Mass Storage Drivers uninstall. (Enable the automatic Driver will be installed.)

The following 3 methods you need to follow the method.

# 1 Registry changes to Disable the USB port –

This process changes the value of the Windows registry can block USB port. The process is very simple if you use the same process again and again. If the task of setting you are able to urgently and save your time.

Step 1

Press Win + R on your desktop or laptop.

Step 2

Home Run, type Regedit, and there you will be prompt and press enter.

Step 3

Soon you will see the window below and follow the path. HIKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CURRENT CONTROL SET -> SERVICE -> USBSTOR

Step 4

USBSTOR in, you have the right window of the Registry Editor “START” you will see an option called.

Step 5

Double-click on START and disable your USB ports to change the Value Data 3 to 4 on the day.

Step 6

Just to change the Value data, click OK, and then close the Registry Editor. Diameter became disable USB ports.

Note: If you want to enable your USB port in the Value Data 4 to 3 to restore again.

# 2 USB Device Manager disable the USB port blocking –

There are alternative methods for you, if you can not block the top USB port, you can use this method rate. Of course, this method will work, because you directly to the USB port managers to hand. From there, you can block all USB ports USB port disable the day.

Step 1

Right-click My Computer on the desktop, click Manager.

Step 2

You can see a new window called Computer Management.

Step 3

You will see the System Tools, then click on the Device Manager-.

Step 4

Home Device Manager you will see the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Step 5

Universal Serial Bus Controllers To disable the right-click on all. Now your USB Flash Drive to the end diameter also will not be able to insert any data.

Note: If you restart your computer if you want to enable the USB port.

# 3 USB Mass Storage Drivers Uninstall to disable the USB port –

This process takes some time because in this way you will have to uninstall all the USB driver asked. If the above two methods are – if you do this method, because it is bound to block USB ports.

In this manner the number # 2 in Step 1 to Step 4 to follow. Go to Step 5. Uninstall but instead, you will have to disable. USB port diameter kaput.

Note: There is nothing to be afraid of these days that Build in the driver you restart the computer will install way and will enable the USB ports.

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