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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Earn money from YouTube without having to create any type of video!!

Through this method, we will gather and present content to our YouTube channel for content online, he needs about ideas

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you to make that kind of content for which you do not have to physically hurt a mouse and keyboard without sucking

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to easily create a gaming channel, the channel can operate.
In this course I’ll teach you how to get videos on how to make it interesting for the audience and the YouTube video will bring about the first page.

Why YouTube channel of the E-Games bamboo
This channel you can just easily maintained. YouTube my rules if you do not have any kind of warm copyright issue. I said at the beginning
, without any type of work can earn money by uploading videos.

[According to this method, you do not have to play any video game to make! ]

What is e-sports?

E-sports is avowedly online gaming, Internet gaming through the big ceremony was held today in the world where the real virtually as if the players played
Through a computer, it is not reality. You’ll be surprised to know many of the original artists e-sports players have been making the same money.
If you understand how this big field.

E-Games will create a YouTube channel, why? Can this really be successful?

First, you see a small statistic, 015 of the International Game Festival, which was held in the US city of Seattle ever-Arena where 17,000 people
Have been broadcast live in front of computer games and the Internet, live video of the Festival, organized by the views of the millions of people gaming.
Now you can figure out what kind of video is the huge amount of traffic to come.
Video gaming who has an interest, who regularly plays video games with my videos showing the main traffic rules and act in accordance with the hope that someone will not be unsuccessful.

Video games that are really popular in the video because of the brewing method, which includes online gaming fans, mostly young / those who associate themselves with the Internet all the time, always keeps himself updated with YouTube, if it can really be successful in this website is a twitch website is basically a video about video streaming sites now have two numbers in the ranking.

Where do we collect videos?

I said at the beginning that we will work with e-sports, and we will gather our videos online multiplayer matches gaming competition.

As the popularity of online multiplayer competition Now I gaming name a few of the games and how many people will tell you about the game he plays.

  • League of legends in short LOL (67 Million Players)
  • Date 2 (8 Million Players)
  • Heroes of Newerth (Hon) (1 million players)
  • Counter strike: Global offensive (CS: GO) (2.2 Million Players)
  • Starcraft 2 (2 Million Players)

I have my “Dota 2” game will show you practical work with.

Now, you may think about a few things that I try to answer.
For this method to work with do not need to play your games. If you’re not interested in a tie game, then there is nothing to worry about.

That you have to do is to download the game and record / editing for upload to YouTube.
The best thing about the game is that in this tutorial I will show you that it can be used in games and other online just seen the competition can be downloaded.

Thank you all, thanks for reading all of the. Next post I’ll show you step by step how doing our job, this is how we have to work to set up a YouTube channel + Adsense account. Over time, our earnings will be about what kind of ideas will be given.

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