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Sunday , October 22 2017
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How to Control your Computer with your Android Phone!!

I’ll show you how to control your Android with a Computer or Laptop. This of course will require WIFI or Bluetooth. WIFI or Bluetooth laptop PC way, but not so easy to do so you can buy WIFI LAN Card or Bluetooth Device.
Bluetooth Device market to buy different prices can be found between 100250. So you can do is look at it

For example, you can access any file you wish to Edit it, play music, also live in this, the screen shows like the TV remote will not work.
So I started to be a need for two software for Android Computer another.

Unified Server   Serverexe install the computer.

To facilitate gave some picture.



And  Unified Apk  T Remove. Install mobile phone.

Follow the steps below –


I hope all goes well with all things mobile.

Thank you all.

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