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Control a PC with no software to multiple computers and the Internet without your internet !!

Yes, today is an important technique to share. Especially those who work in IT need to know their mast. What are the advantages of the first to come? Suppose you are the head of your organization or any superior officers rush into the room, you want to see some work to do before, and what you have on your computer. Or suppose files will be made in this case, the boss may not be installed on the PC. Then maybe you will come to your room, or FTP, or any other media for that by talking. This is the other side of the boss to spend your time with your assessment of the Tao less litter the computer you want your boss that you can access your computer. Alternatively, other servers on your network so that you can work on your computer monitor so that each server is not mandated, it is to save money. Multiple computers together in the same PC, the best way is to run through.

Now let’s see how it’s inventory.

The computer you want to access the IP (EIP is an example 19216814) and the user (such as Administrator) name and password (as in 1234), I know you. And will be introduced at remote just like the Windows Start button and type in the search bar below Remote desktop..

From there look like the following suggestion ‘Allow Remote Access to your computer, click.

After clicking below shows

Allow remote assistant and checking in at the bottom tick Allow remote connections to this computer, press OK. Now, the remote control of the computer is turned on.
Now that the computer is turned on from the remote PC that you are trying to access to the stats.


Enter the remote Start bar showing the image above, you can see from the Remote Desktop connection
Clicking here will the bottom of the computer you want to login to the IP. Click and Connect
The bottom of the PC will not access the User name and Password so you can remember the day, and the next time will not give User name and Password. Then click OK
The above may confirmed by checking the Do not ask me again OK, so access to the inner diameter
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