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How does computer memory work? Learn about the history behind saving your computer data!!

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An m often think, in my memory (memory) If you would like your computer! But people’s brains and computer memory are not one thing in a rude way  – they work completely differently and for different purposes. In order to remember the name of the people, remembering the face of anybody, or struggling to remember today’s date, there is a complete perfection in computer memory every day. Friends, our today’s question is, how is this computer’s remarkable memory?  And how do they work? So let’s get to know all the details.

What is the memory?


The basic purpose of any memory (whether it is human memory or computer memory) is to reserve any information for a specific time. The most interesting thing is that people’s memory is far more powerful to forget any information than to remember any information. And this is the worst part of our ghazal. If you have not discussed any issues carefully, no one else will be able to protect you from forgetting it. And for us to be easily forgotten, we have to keep a lot of important issues with us. Forget it means that a blanket filled with old rubbish is cleaned and ready to be filled up again.

The computer never remembers something like that, or forgets, as the way humans do.  Works on the computer binary ; Whether they know something or not, once the computer learns something, it never forgets without any catastrophic crash. But we humans are a little different. We know something (“I think you saw it somewhere before”) or we think we know it (“I first learned the word” pair “when I used to go to school), and besides what we needed to gather information We can

Unlike computers, people forget something … think again, forgets again … think again. Actually, I think human memory seems like a magic. But the truth is, we have a 500-pounder-priced pen, more than our brain.

There are two types of memory

Internal memory-RAM and ROM

There is a duplicate between man and computer memory, both of which have two types of memory. Human memory is mainly divided into two parts has been a the  short-term memory  (short-term memory (which you have recently seen, heard, or brain have the imagination), and the  Long-Term Memory (long-term memory (which, we learned, or our We have had experience from life, and this is why we remember them better).

The computer also has two types of memory. It has a built-in memory that is called internal memory,  it is designed with silicon chips. This memory is able to store and retrieve any computer data quickly, so it is used to complete the computer’s current process.

Generally, the internal memory of the computer is volatile  (which sinks quickly) – that means that all data stored in it disappears immediately after the computer is shut down. That’s why another type of memory is needed on the computer, which is called auxiliary memory or  storage. This memory can remember any information, even when the computer is off. Hard drive or flash storage can be seen as a supported memory on a normal PC or laptop. Auxiliary memory is again called external memory, and the Kenona hard drive is another machine that is connected to the computer via cable. Again today’s modern computers have seen plug-in memory, such as USB flash memory stick or SD memory card, portable hard drive,

The main memory of the computer is very low, usually from 512 to 8 GB (modern computers have more memory). The majority of the main memory on the computer, the computer will be able to process data and will be able to work faster. If you need to save more information than the computer’s main memory, it stores it in some empty space on the hard drive, and it is called virtual memory.

You may have seen virtual memory options on Windows computers. But today’s one truth about it If you notice that your hard drive is busy with many data rides and writes, but your computer is using a hard drive as a virtual memory. Virtual memory is theoretically used to speed up computer performance, but in the case of a rush it can slow down your computer performance. Canon’s helpful memory never can be as fast as the main memory. So if your computer’s main memory size means that the size of the RAM is low, then it will be best to upgrade. Learn more- Is the  PC slow? Know that any upgraded PC performance can do the best.

Internal memory-RAM and ROM

Computer Internal Memory Chips are mainly of two types, known as a  RAM (Random Access Memory) and another  ROM  (Read Only Memory). RAM chips can keep an eye on any information, as long as the computer has power on it, so they keep the data stored in the short term. On the other hand, ROM chips can still keep data, when the computer does not remain on. When preparing Ram in the factory, it is pre-programmed and the data is kept in it before-only after that the information is rearranged and converted to new information.

So, what did you understand? There are two types of memory chips installed on the computer. One can remember information temporarily, that is, as long as the computer is on, it is RAM-it is RAM. And another person can remember any information, even if the computer is off-that is the ROM.

What is Random Access?

Random access

This is basically a confusing question. Random access to RAM means –  It helps to quickly write computer data reads and at the same time, it is possible to access data anywhere. Computer hard drives are also random access devices. Because at the same time it is possible to access any data from any point in the hard drive.

However, all types of computer memory are not random access. For example, the tape drive, which has plastic ribbons, and with the help of a sponge, the data is read from it. Now if the computer wants to access information from a particular point on this tape, it will begin to rotate the filters in front of it, until then, until it reaches the particular point. Suppose the tape of the tape is now at the beginning and the computer is trying to access the data of the last point, but it will take a lot of time to access that data. The Kenna relay will move to that point and then it will be possible to access the data. And it is called sequential access.

RAM type

There are two main varieties of RAM, is one of  DRAM  (DRAM) (Dynamic RAM) and another in the  SRAM  (SRAM) (static RAM). Dei ram is less costly than ESRAM and it is high density (meaning it can load more data in lesser size). Therefore, the dirhams are used as internal memory, most of which are used in PC, gaming consoles.

On the other hand, the price of a ram is much higher and it is much faster with the loss of less power-but its data capacities are much lower. Esam is said to especially cache memory. This is especially used in portable gadgets such as cell phones, where more speed is needed to save power.

Derms and Serum basically do the same thing. They were created using little different electronic components when they were made. These two types of RAM forget the information, but for the memory of a demo of memory, it is necessary to have a computer off or power off, but snap does not fret memory by this means. Dirt can be used to draw more data in smaller sizes – because it uses a capacitor and a transistor to save a bit. But for a bit of snoring in Essam, some capacitors and a transistor are needed.


Computer memory is like RAM and various varieties of RAM – and there is a little random thing here, but all the ROMs do not have read-only memory. Flash memory on your phone or camera, USB pen drive etc. But even after one type of ROM-Kona has power off, but has the power to remember its data. Technically speaking, flash memory is EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable ROM) type ROM. That is, where there is a need to make the electric current flowing through it to save and delete any information.

In fact, your smartphone, modem or router’s framework is not stored in the ROM, it’s stored in its flash memory, so that it can be upgraded later. RAM is much slower than RAM and does not have the ability to read and write so much like RAM.

How Computer Memory saves information in binary


Computer memory – stores any photos, videos, music or any computer information as numbers or numbers. And this is why computers are called ” digital computers “. We humans like to work using decimal numbers (10 numbers from 0 to 9). But the computer works entirely by using a different number system, and it is called binary number. There are only two numbers in the binary, zero (0) and one (1). In order to write a decimal, there are several numbers needed in binary. Binary digits are called bits – that is, a zero or one is a bit. Together, eight bits are called bytes.

We humans like to use decimal numbers, one of the reasons why we have 10 fingers. But the computer does not have 10 fingers. If instead of fingers on computer memory many lots of electronic switch that transistor has been called. Transistors can store a binary number when the electric current is flowing through it. If you switch on a transistor, it stores (1) number and saves the number (0) when it is off.

The last word

So this was the secret of computer memory and its amazing memories. Hopefully, I have been able to put this whole thing in front of you, and today’s tune was an information store. If you like the tune, please share this tune and thus maintain your support.

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