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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Did you know what was written in the world’s first SMS?

According to the International website EDN Network, 22-year-old IT worker Neil Papworth of the US company ‘CEMA Group’ sent the world’s first SMS. This SMS was not written to her lover but. He sent his message to his friend Richard Jarvis’s mobile phone. However, no mobile phone was used to send this …

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Discover the seven planets like Earth!!

Astronomers have found at least seven planets that are rotating around a star near a solar system. This new discovery of the scientists was published Wednesday in the journal Nature. In addition, the announcement was made at a news conference at NASA headquarters in Washington. Scientists discover the findings of planets rarely …

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Why are you so concerned about ‘like’?

After posting a Facebook post, many people were busy looking at how much ‘like’ it was. Frequently enter Facebook to look like. But this ‘like’ Facebook is everything? A recent study showed that people getting a Facebook post do not give people a better idea about themselves or they can …

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Facebook is checking to increase profile photo security!!

Social media Facebook profile pictures sometimes cause problems. Especially some unscrupulous people misuse the profile of women. For this, most of the girls ask for extra security in their profile picture. So that other user, especially strangers, can not use their pictures anywhere. Considering this, Facebook authorities are checking the …

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